The demand for highly qualified interpreters and translators is increasing. Many factors have given way to an increase in such demands. Among others, the enlargement of the European community, an influx of migrant workers, and international events are the most contributing factors. Language Expertise takes pride in being able to efficiently to such high demand for highly qualified interpreters and translators. We are now extending our network of linguists to enable us to provide linguistic support for almost all multilingual demands of our clients.

Our established network of experienced and accredited interpreters combine superior language skills with a thorough knowledge of subject matter, protocols and cultures. Whether in a court of law or at a solicitor’s conference, our interpreters remain virtually transparent. Following strict codes of neutrality, our language team members impart speakers’ meaning and emphasis without embellishing the remarks or injecting personal opinions. Besides, confidentiality is completely guaranteed. Our interpreters will never disclose the content of a conversation they have witnessed.

Here is a list of the languages covered in our high quality language solutions: