Face-to-Face Interpreting

Interpreting is a highly skilled profession which involves complex mental processes. The interpreter needs to possess the ability to select the right word for a spoken translation instantly and without fail.

This is why at Language Expertise we require all potential vendors to go through in-depth and rigorous screening processes to evaluate their language, interpreting, and ethical skills. We set high interpreting standards for all our interpreters and expect that they will comply with the strict rigor required for all career interpreters.

All our interpreters have extensive experience with interpreting and apart from linguistic knowledge they possess in-depth knowledge of the subject area as well. They have what it takes to be able to integrate appropriate cultural preferences into their choice of words and phrases with only a split of second to deliver an accurate, objective, and confidential interpretation. We proudly advocate for our interpreters who provide our clients with quality services to various sectors including legal firms, educational institutions, immigration professionals, government agencies, medical and health centres, and community service providers, etc.

Our interpreters are held to the strictest of professional confidentiality guidelines.