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Language Expertise provides translation services in multiple languages mainly using NRSPI linguists. We have offered unparalleled, top quality translation services to corporations, financial institutions, law firms, healthcare professionals, educational institutions, government entities, and individuals since 2003.


Our translators possess the knowledge and experience to accurately convey complex subject matters from English into another language and vice versa. We consider our client requirements our main priority and work toward meeting any reasonable deadline. Your satisfaction is our highest priority; hence, as an extra step to provide the utmost service to our loyal customers, we are also offering a complimentary transmission of the completed translation via email prior to mailing out the original translations.


Our translators have excellent computer skills and are equipped with necessary computer programs to enable them to reproduce the format of virtually any documents as well as creating or adjusting images, graphs, charts and etc.


When we receive your request for quote online, by email, or by phone, a dedicated Project Manager is assigned to handle the entire process until we become reassured that your outmost satisfaction has been achieved. In so doing, the assigned Project Manager assesses the project in order to assign the most highly qualified translator. Once the translation project is completed by our qualified translator, a qualified proof-reader or editor performs quality assurance and checks throughout the project. Any amendment to the text is done with consultation with the translator. This explains why all our clients are always reassured of the most accurate, always reliable, and consistently high quality work from our team. 


A range of our translation services are explained below: 


General Translation  

Translation is a communication process. A good translator is able to facilitate the process by incorporating the subtle nuances and intricate nature of the text, allowing the translated text to be faithful to the original. Only a qualified and experienced native speaker can capture and re-create the full impact of your ideas, complete with the "between the lines" understanding, for the intended cultural environment.


A good translation service requires sound team management. At Language Expertise, we keep an extensive database of professionals to ensure that each project is undertaken by the most suitable linguist whose educational and professional background is the most appropriate to the project in hand.

In-keeping with our tradition of offering the highest quality professional service, we ensure that all translation work is conducted by native speakers of the target language. Furthermore, we never ask a linguist who is not familiar with the subject to undertake a translation even if they have perfect command of the languages involved.

Website Localization and Translation Services

Language Expertise has been providing top quality professional translation services to corporations, financial institutions, law firms, healthcare professionals, educational institutions, government entities, and individuals since 2003. We translate from and into over 50 languages.

In today's global world, your website becomes your most indispensable tool.

Language Expertise has been helping companies of any size maximize their online presence by having their website translated into multiple languages. Whether you want your entire site translated or just your home page, Language Expertise is your one stop service provider for all your translation and localization needs.

Language Expertise has vast experience in translating and localizing such content as:


• Audio and video components 
• Brochures 
• CDs 
• Interactive Presentations

• Manuals 
• Online Catalogues 
• User Guides 
• Websites

With website translation and localization services precise language proficiency is as important as transformation of the website content including all measurement units, times, fonts, dates, sizes, currency conversions, numbers so that it is culturally appropriate for the target territory.

Depending on the project size and complexity, this localization process may require the coordination of different professionals, such as Project Manager, Translators, Proofreaders, Engineers, Desktop Publishers, and QA Testers.

If a product reads like it was originally written for the target auditory, it means that it was properly localized.

Medical Translation 

Our Medical Translation Service offers accurate translation of various types of documents, such as training materials, medical bulletins, marketing or clinical documentation, etc. Like our other translation specialties, we exercise a rigorous process for medical translation which starts with the extraction of the text from the source or the original document. Then the text is translated to the target language. An editor would then ensure that the terminologies used in the target language are based on the medical terminology approved by the client or industry. The final stage is putting back the produced translation into its original format.  

Our highly skilled linguists and proof-readers possess the linguistic skills and subject matter knowledge required to translate the highly technical, sensitive, and regulated nature of medical texts.

Legal Translation 

Language Expertise provides legal translations to a wide variety of law firms, financial institutions, corporations and individuals on a daily basis. Our accurate translations are available in more than 50 languages.

Our legal translators are chosen not only for their superior linguistic skills but also for their exceptional expertise in legal field.


Technical Translation 

Whether your organization is a start-up or a long-established high tech company, Language Expertise, a consolidated foreign language service provider, is the solution for all of your engineering, technical and scientific translations. In today's global market, technical translations are in great demand and we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best to corporations worldwide.

We guarantee precision, accuracy and consistency of terminology. Premier quality translations ensure a seamless integration into your target market whether you require translation into a single language or multiple languages.


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