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We specialize in edited and verbatim transcription of audio files. Our transcribers can work with practically any digital audio format, including DSS, WMA, MP3, MP4, AVI, WAV, DVD, USB stick. We accept digital media such as USB drives, DVDs and CDs. Our highly skilled proof readers ensure the transcripts are consistently accurate. Any required revisions are undertaken promptly at no extra charge.


You can get your transcriptions done catering for all deadlines, from two hours to two weeks at the lowest rate to be found.


Industries we transcribe for are:


Conference Notes, Dictation, Focus Groups, Voice Mail, Lectures, Thesis Notes, etc.

  • LEGAL:

Hearings, Taped Interviews, Court Recordings, etc.


Hospital Transcriptions, Medical Dictation, Radiology Reports, etc.


We price based on per minute of Audio or Video files and you will know how much you will be paying for your transcription. There will not be surprises.

Privacy and the security of your information is very important to us and we are dedicated to maintain high privacy standards. 

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