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What Language Expertise Offers

face to faceFace-to-Face Interpreting

We interpret for you into every language, for every industry, and in every situation.

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Digital TranscriptionDigital Transcription

We transcribe your Audio and Video files in all formats quickly and accurately.

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Telephone InterpretingTelephone Interpreting

Understand and be undersrstand instantly using our telephone Interpreting Service.

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Video SubtitlingVideo Subtitling

We can handle projects in different formats in over 100 languages.

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We offer various translation services from any language to any language.

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We have expertise in re-producing your Audio and Video materials in the language of your clients.

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Bridging language barriers through Language Expertise.

Why Choose Language Expertise?

Proven History

We Have been a Provider of Interpreting and Translation services since 2003.

Our Office Staff

We have qualified linguists with exellent customer care skills in our offices always avaliable to assist.

Excellence in Service

We are a member of the (ATC) and adhere to high professional standards and business principles.

Our Fees

Our services are competitively priced to ensure we always give our clients the bestpossible price.

Centified Linguists

Our interpreters and translators are members of relevsnt professional bodies matching the needs of our clients.

Legal Aid Welcome

We guarantee our fees to be in line with Legal Aid Agency Guidelines.

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